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Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr

Nürnberg 1677 -
Nürnberg 1750

The mathematician and physicist Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr (1677-1750) came from a Nuremberg merchant's family and studied jurisprudence at Altendorf from 1696. Soon he discovered a passion for mathematics and physics and chose these subjects as his main courses at Halle. In 1700 he traveled to Holland and England to complete his scientific education.
In 1702 Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr returned to Nuremberg, where in 1704 he became a professor for mathematics at the "Aegidisches Gymnasium", a position which he retained for the rest of his life. Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr is not as well known for great scientific discoveries or findings, as for his treatise on mathematics, astronomy and physics, which contributed greatly to general knowledge at the time. His main work was the 1742 "Atlas novus coelestis", a celestial atlas with splendid copperplate engravings. Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr's "Historische Nachricht von den nürnbergischen Mathematicis und Künstlern" (1730) made a particularly valuable contribution to the history of natural science and technology.

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